Saturday, 9 January, 2010

What not to do in 2010

What not to do in 2010

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"I suggest that you don't get too hung-up on choosing the right investment before investing. Often that equals to procrastination and you miss the opportunity altogether. For instance, as long as you regularly invest in consistently performing equity mutual funds and be an involved investor tracking their performance at regular intervals, say every quarter, migrating away from loser funds every 18-24 months if the need be, you won't be too badly placed compared to a person who is incredibly lucky to get all his calls right, a feat even investment gurus can't brag of." - Udayan Ray, Outlook Money (Read the whole article in 10 useful Caveats - A "Not-to-do" List for 2010)

What more can I say? As the Nike Ads say, "Just do it!"



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