Wednesday, 24 September, 2014

Welcome to the real world: Get mislead!

Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics & Media Reports

Take a look at this amazing graph that I culled out from a not too old issue of Economic Times, a newspaper that I normally like (and even respect, as a matter of fact):

Needless to add, they certainly have the usual disclaimer at the bottom. But then, how many folks would normally bother to take a look at a disclaimer, especially when the alternative is to just “look at the big picture” and move on!
If we choose to listen to the logic of the above picture, here are a few thoughts that come to my mind:
·        Kamarajar hardly went to school, but went on to become a hugely popular and successful Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.
o   Hence, don’t bother with such mundane things like attending school. You’re likely to become a Chief Minister without all the effort that goes into passing out of a good school.
·        Bill Gates dropped out of college and went on to become the riches man on the planet.
o   Just dump college if you’re dumb enough to be there still..
·        Dhirubhai Ambani started life as a Petrol bunk attendant. And the rest is history.
o   Quit your job and seek a “nice little assignment” at the nearest petrol bunk.
·        Narendra Modi started life as a Tea Stall employee.
o   Don’t waste your time with dreams about IIT & IIM. Learn to serve tea instead.
·        You all know about the academic qualifications of Sachin Tendulkar.
o   Just bunk school (or better still, quit school altogether) and start playing Cricket!


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