Friday, 26 October, 2012

Jaspal Bhatti Dies in Road Accident

Jaspal Bhatti Dies in Road Accident

Just heard the news earlier today about:

Certainly, shocking news indeed. And sad. He was such a delightful provider of endless bouts of laughter to an entire generation of people.

And he was just 57 years of age.

All that is fine, but what is this news item doing in a "financial blog"?

Simple - some basic questions that need to be asked will become relevant when they are asked at the right time (due to the "shock and awe" value):

Did Jaspal Bhatti, while he was still alive, 
  1. Have the faintest clue that he will be no more in a few hours / days / weeks? 
  2. Take an insurance policy for his life? Was the sum assured adequate, considering the kind of income that he was earning?
  3. Nominate different people for all his financial assets like bank accounts, mutual funds, etc.?
  4. Keep all his financial papers, documents, etc. in a well-organised manner and in an easily accessible location?
  5. Write a will clearly mentioning a sufficiently exhaustive list of all his assets (including intangible assets like royalty on his works, for instance) and indicating who should be receiving each of those assets and in what proportion?
And most importantly, has Jaspal Bhatti actually intimated at least two of his near and dear ones about the answers to each of the above questions?

For the sake of his family members, I do hope that the answers are indeed available. A few days / weeks / months later, when they have overcome their grief, they will certainly be seeking answers to all the above questions, and Jaspal Bhatti's soul will rest in peace if and only if his near and dear ones have satisfactory answers for these questions.

Now the critical question for each one of the readers of this blog post is:
  • Do YOUR near and dear ones have satisfactory answers if you disappear from this planet all of a sudden to the very same questions asked above?

For obvious reasons, I would like each of you to live for several decades more, and remain healthy, happy and prosperous. But then, it will be prudent for each of you AND me to ponder, introspect and provide answers for the above crucial questions.

Give it a thought!



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Rahul SMS said...

jaspal sir you were brilliance in comedy . You took comedy ona different level inspiring and making people laugh . Yours shows were incredible and can never be replicated . Always the best you will there be in our hearts as you always were . May god bestow you with holy peace . Amen .

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