Friday, 13 July, 2012

Financial Predictions

Financial Predictions

It has become fashionable to make all kinds of predictions about:

  • The Euro Mess
  • US Recovery
  • Chinese Hard Landing
  • Indian GDP Growth rate for the next decade
  • When the Nifty & Sensex will cross their earlier "ALL-TIME" Highs

Different experts come up with different answers.

My take: Take all of that with a Dead Sea of salt.

I ought to thank for referring me to this Motley Fool article:

Basically, you'll perhaps be better off if you treat the predictions of business news channels and business newspapers the same way you'll treat the "Next Week for you" column on astrology in your weekend newspapers & nes magazines.

Remember Mark Twain's immortal words: "Prediction is difficult, especially about the future"



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