Thursday, 6 January, 2011

Policy of "Variable Pay" For Denial of Insurance Claims

Policy of "Variable Pay" For Denial of Insurance Claims

For a change, I've got a query and am not expressing my thoughts and views in this post:

Do our Insurance companies (especially Life & Health Insurance providers) have a policy to reward their claim-processing employees, agents, etc. with any kind of variable pay, incentive, commission, etc. based on the number of / percentage of / value of claims that are actually denied / rejected / refused.

In other words, is there an incentive for the people processing insurance claims to actually refrain from settling those claims using some excuse or the other?

If anyone knows the answer to the above query, I'll be delighted to know.

Better still, if someone has already compiled a list of insurance-company-wise data on the above query, that would be of immense value both to me and to the regular readers of this blog.

Thanks in advance!



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