Sunday, 26 September, 2010

The big bad credit card companies

The big bad credit card companies

When I find an otherwise excellently written write-up, being a notoriously lazy guy, I am always delighted to send you to the original article by giving the relevant link.

Here's one such piece from Deepak Shenoy's blog, talking about why one should not go in for an "Auto debit" option for paying off credit card bills - Read on:
A quick point - I'll go to the extent of ensuring that if I have a card from XYZ bank, I'll try to ensure that I don't use a cheque leaf from XYZ bank to pay their bill. Why should we let them know proactively the existence of a banking relationship with them that extends beyond credit cards - One never knows what well-hidden term / condition they may use to gain access to your SB account for adjusting some disputed bill / service charge on the credit card?!!??!
Some readers have asked me as to why I offer these links to other blogs and websites.
Some quick reasons:
  • My blog is not an exercise to build my ego and certainly not a tool to gather any income.
  • I have no qualms about giving credit where it is due, by taking you to the original author's blog / website directly. This also takes care of potential "copyright" issues.
  • If you're able to move to another blog and, in the process, gain more valuable inputs, I feel that the purpose of this blog is, to that extent, quite well-served. Enjoy!


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