Tuesday, 1 June, 2010

The American Tragedy / Comedy / Farce

The American Tragedy / Comedy / Farce

First we had the American Dream - Everyone wanted to get there, get rich.

Then we had the American Scare - The dot.com bubble, bust and the aftermath.

Subsequently we had the American Tragedy - Stuff like the Katrina, World Trade Centre, et al.

Later we had the American Farce - The housing bubble, sub-prime crisis, foreclosures, et al.

And the latest: The American Way of solving problems: Foreclosures in USA - Just ask the lenders to climb a tree!

And we thought that Americans believed in the rule of law! Just imagine if some poor country tried to do that after taking a loan from the Americans - or imagine the outrage if some lower middle class guy starts defaulting on a credit card loan or car loan in a country like India, Indonesia or Greece. You'll hear the best possible lecture / sermon from the very same Americans on the importance of following the rule of law, blah blah blah!


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