Friday, 25 September, 2009

The Excuses We Make

The Excuses We Make
(For NOT Saving For Retirement)


Though old, this one from a recent issue of Money Today website is indeed enlightening ... ... ... ...


In our 20s

·       I have just started working.

·       There is nothing left after the monthly expenses.

·       I have to save for a house.

In our 30s

·       There is no spare cash after I pay the kids' school fees.

·       I have to plan for my child's higher education.

·       I am still repaying my home loan.

In our 40s

·       More money needed for child's higher education.

·       Expenses are going up.

In our 50s

·       It's too late to start now.

·       I'm close to retiring; my pension will suffice.

·       My children will take care of me.


What's your excuse, my dear????



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