Thursday, 4 June, 2009

Do your own research

Don't listen to "Experts"

Just came across something funny on NDTV Profit (which was repeated ad infinitum over the last 24 hours) - All about the proceedings at a seminar (or was it a conference) of Morgan Stanley.

These so-called experts gave some predictions about the year-end target levels for the Sensex. Again! Apparently, these folks have some nerve, indeed!

And, pray, what are their predictions?





Don't laugh ... ... ...

  • Base case levels of BSE Sensex - around 15300
  • Bear case scenario - 8500
  • Bull case scenario - 19500

Essentially, they're predicting a range from a low of 8500 to a high of 19300.

And what are the investors expected to do from such predictions?

Guess they expect us to toss a coin or throw darts and decide for ourselves.

At least about the latter part about deciding for ourselves, I'd tend to agree with them.

However, if that were to be the case, what on earth do we part with our hard-earned money to seek their "expert opinions"?



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