Tuesday, 14 October, 2008

Warren Buffett on Leverage

Warren Buffett on Leverage

Here goes a gem from Warren Buffett:

"Leverage," he said, "is the only way a smart guy can go broke … You do smart things, you eventually get very rich. If you do smart things and use leverage and you do one wrong thing along the way, it could wipe you out, because anything times zero is zero. But it's reinforcing when the people around you are doing it successfully, you're doing it successfully, and it's a lot like Cinderella at the ball. The guys look better all the time, the music sounds better, it's more and more fun, you think, 'Why the hell should I leave at a quarter to 12? I'll leave at two minutes to 12.' But the trouble is, there are no clocks on the wall. And everybody thinks they're going to leave at two minutes to 12."

Many of us would wish that we read this (and followed the implied advice) in January 2008!



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