Tuesday, 15 July, 2008

Cash is King

Cash is King

Hi folks,

Guess that I've been busy enjoying life while someone pointed out that I've not been regularly posting anything in any of my blogs.

Interesting to observe that my blogs are ALWAYS read when I don't post anything! Looks like I should post more infrequently.

Anyway, while I was away, our Indian markets seem to have "re-coupled" (if at all they had "de-coupled" in the first place) with the rest of the world, and have indeed started outperforming the major global indices on the downside!

A bear market is extremely good for real long-term investors for some interesting reasons:

  • Gives you lots of time to read, write, go around golfing, goofing, blogging, bugging, begging, borrowing, etc.
  • Makes you learn a lot about investing (though at a rather high cost)
  • Enables you to crib about all the money that you could have made had you sold out at Jan '08 levels
  • Enables you to advice others on the list of scrips that you can buy at current levels and make tons of money over the long-term (at last, long term means a really long term!)

Considering the free time that the bear market provides, it is time for you to read this wonderful article by Mr. Sanjay Bakshi (originally written in 1999) - Worth saving and reading once a quarter!



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