Sunday, 29 June, 2008

GM hits a new low!

GM hits a new low!

Recently (a couple of days back) General Motors hit a half-century low level on the exchanges - less than $12 per share, last seen in 1955 - the year in which Bill Gates was born! Talk of coincidences!

Read this link for some interesting details and statistics:

What is this piece doing on this blog?

Simple - When we make investments in what we consider bluest of blue chips, we may perhaps be absolutely right - at that time.

We must, however, have the discipline to keep reviewing the investments periodically (don't bother watching the ticker every day or every hour) - at least once every few months. If the situation that warranted the original investment has changed, we must be willing to go right ahead and be willing to sell the scrip, irrespective of whether we are making some money or we are losing money on the original investment.



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