Thursday, 27 March, 2008

Six Mistakes To Avoid While Investing

Six Mistakes To Avoid While Investing

Hi friends!

Lots of good articles keep appearing all around us - there is a virtual information overload. This blog also adds to the clutter to a certain extent.

Here's yet another interesting article (by M/s Dhruv Agarwala & Kartik Varma) that I came across:

The stuff mentioned in this article is certainly

  • Old stuff
  • Stuff that we all know / have known for a long while
  • Simple stuff
  • Stuff that we've told all others who cared to listen whenever we found them making investment mistakes

However, what's important is not the contents of the article per se - What's important is to follow M/s Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan - Execution is what they keep emphasising and Execution is what we all need to do.

As the Nike ad says, "Just Do It!"



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